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Love watching TV and I think it consumes too much of my life, so I'm trying to cut it little by little. Love matchmaking :D

Still so much to do. We have to mass produce it, we have to distribute it. Thank God-

Another new fandom…


So, I’ve written a short little something for ‘The Last Ship’ because it’s sucked me in with it’s (occasionally ridiculous) plot and the uniforms and the ship and mainly Eric Dane (and Adam Baldwin) in a uniform being all authoritative…

Title: To the future…
Pairing: Tom/Rachel (kind of)
Rating: G (I think, there’s a couple of curses within)
Summary: "He wonders briefly what the crew would think if they saw him now, arms wrapped around Dr. Scott and tears threatening to fall down his cheeks." - Episode tag for 01x09 - "Trials"

Story under the cut (or AO3 / if you prefer)

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what the hell are you doing here?


I thought it couldn’t get better after this


I was wrong. I WAS SO WRONG.



The Last Ship - 1x09 ‘Trials’ | Tom Chandler & Rachel Scott

we don’t just have a vaccine. we have the cure.


The Last Ship, Season 1 - Episode 9 “Trials”.

"We just risked everything to save your sorry ass so that you could lead". - XO Mike Slattery to Captain Tom Chandler

Such a great episode.  CMC Jeter is amazing and so brave…Captain Chandler and XO Slattery not only gorgeous <3 but so brave as well. 

So many emotional moments in this episode.  Happy and sad tears!  Love this show…

#TeamChandler #TeamNavy

Can we talk about what I hope is going on in there?